Breastfeeding Activewear - FAQs

How many weeks pregnant should you be in order to wear breastfeeding activewear and other maternity clothes?

When it comes to wearing maternity clothes, the general rule of thumb is that you should start wearing them when your regular clothes no longer fit comfortably or accommodate your growing belly. For most women, this typically happens around the 12-16 week mark, but it can vary depending on your body type and how quickly you're growing.

However, if you're looking specifically for breastfeeding or nursing activewear, you may want to consider waiting until closer to your due date to invest in those pieces. This is because your body will continue to change and shift as your pregnancy progresses, and you want to make sure that you're getting activewear that will fit you comfortably, both during and after pregnancy.

At Womene, our specialty is creating high-quality, comfortable breastfeeding activewear and nursing activewear that is designed to support you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Our breastfeeding workout clothes are made with soft, stretchy fabrics that will move with your body and accommodate your changing shape, while also providing easy access for nursing or pumping.

So whether you're looking for comfortable and supportive activewear for your prenatal workouts or stylish and functional nursing clothes for after your baby arrives, Womene has got you covered. We recommend waiting until around the 12-16 week mark to start wearing maternity clothes, but when it comes to our breastfeeding and nursing activewear, you can start wearing them whenever you feel ready and comfortable.

Are you able to wear maternity clothes when you’re not pregnant?

Of course! It's not uncommon for women to wonder whether they can wear maternity clothes even if they're not pregnant. At Womene, our purpose is to create comfortable and stylish breastfeeding sportswear, maternity athleisure, and pregnancy athleisure that can be worn by pregnant and non-pregnant women alike.

Our maternity activewear is designed to accommodate your changing body shape during pregnancy, with features like stretchy fabrics and adjustable waistbands. But even if you're not pregnant, you can still enjoy the comfort and style of our maternity athleisure and pregnancy athleisure.

In fact, many women find that our breastfeeding sportswear and maternity athleisure are perfect for postpartum wear when their bodies are still recovering and readjusting. Our pieces are designed to be soft, stretchy, and comfortable, so they can help you feel confident and supported no matter what stage of life you're in.

So whether you're pregnant, postpartum, or just looking for comfortable and stylish athleisure wear, Womene has got you covered. We invite you to explore our collection of maternity activewear and discover the perfect pieces to suit your style and needs.

What should I wear when I’m at the tail-end of my pregnancy?

Great question! As you near the end of your pregnancy, comfort is likely to become even more important to you. That's where Womene's maternity athleisure and pregnancy athleisure collections come in.

Our athleisure maternity pieces are designed with your comfort in mind, and feature stretchy, soft fabrics that move with your body as it changes. As you approach the tail-end of your pregnancy, you may want to consider wearing loose-fitting tops and leggings with elastic waistbands for maximum comfort.

Our pregnancy athleisure collection includes pieces like our comfortable and supportive maternity leggings, which can help to alleviate discomfort in your lower back and hips. We also offer maternity tops that provide plenty of room for your growing belly, and sports bras that are designed to support and protect your changing breasts.

In addition to our athleisure maternity collection, we also offer a range of breastfeeding sportswear that can be worn during pregnancy and beyond. Our breastfeeding-friendly tops and bras provide easy access for nursing or pumping, making them a practical and convenient choice for new mums.

So whether you're at the tail-end of your pregnancy or navigating the postpartum period, Womene has the perfect maternity activewear for you. Our athleisure maternity and pregnancy athleisure pieces are designed to keep you comfortable, supported, and stylish no matter what stage of your journey you're in.