Hospital Bag checklist


Even if your due date is still weeks away, it is always a safer option to pack your bag well in advance, regardless of the trimester you are at. Not only will a checklist keep you organised but it will make shopping much easier and more comfortable. 

Here is a simple checklist that we at Womene have come up with.

1.   Birth plans  and IDs

 It is advised that you keep these documents neatly in a file, in separate compartments while you’re packing hospital bag maternity


2.   Comfortable Clothing

Carry a change of clothing that you feel super comfortable in such as loose and easy-to-wear nightgowns, maternity dress, bathrobes, sweaters, socks, and even slippers. This way you’ll not have to rely on clothes being provided at the hospital, which may not be comfy for you.

Our womene maternity bras have been crafted for this very reason, to be comfy and easy to feed baby whenever you are in hospital.


3.   Toiletries


Toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, lotion, and deodorant can be carried in travel-size vials in your bag. These familiar items will personalise your visit and make you feel at ease if the hospital environment scares you. You can also include towels, the womene nursing pad.and napkins for personal use.

4.   Essentials Post-Labour

You will definitely feel tired and hungry after all that effort you put into giving birth!  Snacks come in handy 


Dont forget  your mobile phone charger with a long charging cable, eye masks, earplugs, air fresheners, your favorite pillow, womene nursing pads and a blanket. 


5.   Essentials for your baby

Basic essentials like baby diapers, towels, warm clothes, socks, gloves, caps, napkins, sanitiser, and baby lotions are must-have in your bag. 

While some of these can be bought at the hospital itself, you may find solace in being well-prepared. Apart from these, you can also carry baby blankets, and baby gloves to prevent your baby from scratching themselves.



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